Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Exit The Skag And Bone Man

NME Reports:


THE LIBERTINES have decided to continue their forthcoming live commitments without PETE DOHERTY, NME.COM can exclusively reveal. The band are confirmed for a number of festivals in July, which will be their first gigs since cancelling all dates in June because of Pete Doherty's addiction to drugs. The band have issued a statement to NME.COM today (June 30) saying that "with regret" they've decided to continue without Pete. It reads: "It is with regret that The Libertines announce they are to continue without singer and guitarist Peter Doherty due to his well-known addiction problems, specifically with crack cocaine and heroin." Carl Barat said: "Peter is and always will be a Libertine and when he cleans up from his addictions he will be immediately welcomed back into the band. "This decision is made with love and with no disregard to Peter and his problems. The other members of the band - Gary, John and myself - have come to this conclusion after three recent failed rehab attempts, all of which The Libertines have funded. "Peter's erratic mental state worries us greatly and having him on tour would only compound his problems. We aim to complete all existing tour commitments without him." The Libertines' eponymous second album is now complete, and set for release on August 30. It was recorded with Doherty in April and May, before his health problems escalated. The band have confirmed they will be appearing at T in the Park (July 10). The show will be followed by the Oxygen Festival in Dublin (11).

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

"I Am Not Anti-drugs, I Am Anti-suffering And Pro Freedom"

Some thoughts from Tim Arnold on yesterday's Babyshambles gig:

When I went to live in Thamkrabok to make my album, I said something that I thought I might never see.I said that I believed Thamkrabok might be the only cure in the world for Crack addiction and that I could try to do something useful in helping other musicians like me to go there and 'get better'. I don't mean 'get clean' because to say that Thamkrabok gets people clean is underselling what they actually do for you.
I had a very perculiar image of other doomed minstrels turning up to do treatment and then re-awakening through music again. Because thats what I did. I alway knew it would not be as black and white as that because everyone is different. But nothing prepared me for what 'did' happen.
I knew about Pete Doherty from long before I went to Thamkrabok. I think I was hitting Rock bottom with my own addiction just as the Lib's were securing there place as a really important band in this country . We have mutual friends and we 'had' mutual interests. Drugs and Music. When I saw the title 'Skag and Bone man' I could not believe how open the whole lexicon of drug taking had become...
Last night, Pete did a a show at the Rhythm Factory which was in many ways, the coolest thing I have seen since I have been back in the UK. It was also the most heartbreaking thing I have seen as well. He is a grown man, its true, and as many people keep saying, he should be a man and be big enough to accept how lucky he is and be brave enough to really repair himself.But if theres one thing that I have learnt in the Monastery , it is that you cannot be compassionate enough to somebody who is suffering from addiction.
The monks call it 'Challenge your Compassion'. The addicts that come to the monastery do their best to drive the monks mad, but it never works because the Monk's just smile and ask if they can help in any way until the addict either leaves or accepts that he/she does not really have an affect on the world and the only thing worth working on is themselves...
People who know me will know that I am not anti-drugs, I am anti suffering and pro freedom. The Libertine's. It's a great thought, but like all grand concepts, its hard to practice. If Pete believes in freedom, he would not offer himself as a slave to Crack and Smack. Using Crack and Smack is as uncool and irresponsible as sponsoring Superbrands who have unsound investments. The mass production of Crack and Smack are directly linked to Warfare, slavery and poverty throughout the world. Libertine? You have got in it you Pete, but you are getting your sums wrong. This is all by the by, but it maybe of interest to others in a similar position to Pete....
Who ever he has pissed off, Pete should also be forgiven for some of his fuck-ups. Because everyone I saw last night around him are making it harder for him to stop. It is easy to mis-construe and confuse adoration for love. The sort of love Pete is getting on a day to day basis is not making him feel 'loved' its making him feel trapped. Last night was an eye opener.I saw adults in their mid 20'swapping tales about Crack like 14 year olds swap football stickers.I am not saying everyone should stop taking drugs. Most of my friends in this country take drugs. But last night I did not see young Punks and Rockers starting a revolution with music. I saw a bunch of trust-fund kids in make-up and hopeless hangers-on with nothing inspirational to say about anything in the age of celebrity, as they performed the lastest reality execution where everyone contributed to the public hanging. And Pete is in the middle hanging on by the skin of his teeth. Anyone with any conscience whatsoever,try and get a grip of the situation and start taking care of each other. At the end of the day its meant to be about 'MUSIC'.
Pete, I saw the tears in your eyes when we were singing in the back of the van. You are better than average. Lets sort you out so at least the Judge knows you made an effort when you go back to court in August. Call me
Love and Light, Tim Arnold

Can't Stand Waiting For The Single

Just about everyone is reporting on the "Can't Stand Me Now" single:

New single, Can't Stand Me Now, will be available on two CDs and 7". All bonus tracks are exclusive to this release.

CD1- Can't Stand Me Now, Cyclops, Dilly Boys
CD2- Can't Stand Me Now, Never Never, All At Sea
7"- Can't Stand Me Now, (I've Got) Sweets

Can't Stand Me Now will be released on the 9th of August.

Not Guilty, Your Honour

NME Reports:

LIBERTINES guitarist PETE DOHERTY has pleaded not guilty to possession of an offensive weapon. Doherty made a brief appearance at Thames Magistrates Court (June 29), where he's facing the charge. The court heard that the alleged incident happened on Hackney Road, London E2. Pete, dressed in a grey suit, was supported in court by a number of friends, including Alan McGee, the band's manager. By pleading not guilty Doherty will now have to return to the same court on August 10 for a preliminary hearing.

Pete, earlier

Monday, June 28, 2004

Piss Me Off!

Check Out The Bootleg Available for Download on Babyshambles:

piss me off
the libertines at the rhythm factory

1. what a waster
2. cyclops
3. up the bracket
4. what katie did
5. don't be shy
6. death on the stairs
7. the delaney
8. don't look back into the sun
featuring peter perrett
9. can't stand me now
10. last post on the bugle
11. campaign of hate
12. tell the king
13. man who would be king
14. another girl, another planet
featuring peter perrett
15.time for heroes
16. i get along

copyright the libertines

huge thanks to Richard for his bootlegging skills

Sunday, June 27, 2004

The First Review Emerges

HMV has a review of the new album:

The mythology was starting to overshadow the music with tales of drug addiction, punch-ups, imprisonment and therapy all adding up to make The Libertines the most talked about band in Britain. Thank god then, that their second album, cleverly titled 'The Libertines' has been finished. Many thought it would never happen but Pete, Carl, John and Gary have managed to put their problems behind them long enough to create an album that is destined to be album of the year, if not the decade. Produced, as with debut album 'Up The Bracket', by Clash legend Mick Jones and engineered by Bill Price (who worked on "London Calling"), "The Libertines" is as ramshackle and effortless as you'd expect, spitting out killer tunes, insistent hooks and mouth-watering melodies at every turn...

"The Libertines" is a deeply personal record that, hopefully, will go some way to exorcise the demons that have haunted the band over the past year. Rammed full of instantly memorable tunes, it consolidates their position at the peak of British indie. Whilst pretenders to the crown like The Ordinary Boys and Razorlight have managed to produce some truly classy first records only The Libertines are capable of the sort of creativity on show here. With this album The Libs can now take their place alongside The Clash, The Who, The Jam, Oasis and The Kinks as part of the elite group of bands that can lay claim to the term 'genius'. In short, 'The Libertines' is a terrifyingly good record.

In other news, promo copies have already been released to the press, so it's probably only a matter of time before the album emerges on the net. Stay tuned to for a complete review!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Here Comes The New Album!

NME Reports:

THE LIBERTINES have confirmed to NME.COM the tracklisting for their hugely anticipated second album. Simply called 'The Libertines', the album will be released on August 30 via Rough Trade Records. The album will be preceded by a single "Can't Stand Me Now" on August 9. The single and album were produced by Mick Jones and engineered by Bill Price.

The full tracklisting for the album is:

Can't Stand Me Now
Last Post On The Bugle
Don't Be Shy
The Man Who Would Be King
Music When The Lights Go Out
The Ha Ha Wall
Arbeit Macht Frei
Campaign Of Hate
What Katie Did
The Saga
Road To Ruin
What Became Of The Likely Lads

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Band Of Brothers

Radio 1 Reports:

The Libertines were surprise guests at the MOJO Honours List awards show in London this afternoon (Tuesday). With Pete Doherty out of rehab and being arrested for possession of an offensive weapon last Thursday, they band have been laying fairly low over the past few days. They've also cancelled a few performances including this weekend's Glastonbury. Carl, Gary and John showed up at the bash without Pete, and Carl told us that despite rumours, they're unlikely to make a surprise appearance at the festival. The main thing is to help Pete get himself together: "Ten minutes is a long time in the Libertines, so you never know what could happen. He is always part of the band, of course he is. The band wouldn't be the band if he wasn't." "He's always welcome. Obviously his health is above all our primary concern. As soon as he sorts himself out he's more than welcome to join us whatever we're doing."

Monday, June 21, 2004

Can't Stand Me...Now!

Three Useful Facts:

1. The "Can't Stand Me" single is out August 9th in the UK.

2. The b-side is "Never, Never"

3. You can hear it tomorrow night (Tuesday) on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show between 8 and 10 pm.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Good God Man!

NME Reports:


THE LIBERTINES' PETE DOHERTY has been arrested after coming back to the UK from Thailand. As previously reported, the guitarist flew out for a course of rehab at the Thamkrabok Monastery. However, Pete walked out after just a few days, and returned to the UK earlier in the week. It has now emerged that police pulled Pete for a suspected driving offence on Thursday (June 17), just hours after he arrived back in London. Pete was searched, and it's alleged police found a flick knife in his possession. As a result the guitarist was arrested and is due in court later this month where he'll face charges of possessing an offensive weapon, driving without a licence, insurance and driving dangerously. Doherty's trip to Thailand to clean up was the reason The Libertines pulled out of festival appearances in June.

Pete's Flick Knife, Yesterday

Friday, June 18, 2004

I Tried So Hard To Keep Myself From Falling Back To My Bad Old Ways...

NME Reports:


THE LIBERTINES' PETE DOHERTY is back in the UK after going to Thailand in an attempt to beat his drug addiction. As previously reported, the guitarist flew out for a rigorous course of rehab at the Thamkrabok Monastery. The Monastery claim to provide one of the most successful detoxification and rehabilitation programs in the world, having treated over 100,000 patients since its inception in 1958. However, Pete walked out after just a few days, and has been in Bangkok ever since. A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM Pete returned home yesterday (June 17). Doherty's trip to Thailand to clean up was the reason The Libertines pulled out of festival appearances in June, including last weekend's Isle Of Wight festival.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Words Of Reason and Sympathy

Alan McGee:
Please enough of the Peter slagging on this forum.No good will come of treating Peter like this.It will make him run away.His Mother,Carlos,Gary and John and everybody involved in the mangement of the Libertines are all extremely worried for him with regards to his health mental and physical.I know Peter reads this board so to bait him is only venting your own anger about his problem.If the people that are closest to him on a daily basis can still accept rehab never worked again[and believe me we were gutted] then the Libs fans will have to as well.Rough Trade put Peter through his first Rehab and Creation Management have put him through the Priory twice.Our belief in Peter as a person and his talent remains intact.The group will still put Peter into a clinic if he wants to return back to these shores.There is a place i know of in Spain that may well work.To recap it's easy to slag Peter off behind a computer but he has given British Music the kind of kickstart i personally haven't experienced in 25 years.His support of Love Music Hate Racism to trying to arrange benfit gigs for QPR only goes to prove he has a good heart.He may have lost the way at this point but he is a good person.Let him work out what he wants to do.Thanks Alan

Bobby Gillespie:
hi peter, i don't really know you very well, but douglas speaks very highly of you. i just want to send you a message of support
keep on keeping on -derangement of the senses/poetry/rock n roll/chinese rocks/bangkok/ i hope your safe, happy & when you come home if you want to douglas & me would love to go to the cinema with you/ go for late night walks round london could be good fun, see what you think. i'm sitting up with mcgee listening to records-some good, some bad, i'm pretty tired now, so take care of yourself & hope to see you soon. bob g x

Monday, June 14, 2004

Trouble With A Capital "T"

NME Reports:

THE LIBERTINES' PETE DOHERTY has fled his rehab program in Thailand. The guitarist flew out last week for a rigorous course of rehab at the Thamkrabok Monastery. The Monastery claim to provide one of the most successful detoxification and rehabilitation programs in the world, having treated over 100,000 patients since its inception in 1958. However, a spokesperson for Pete said that he left of his own accord at 4.30am local time yesterday morning (June 13). It is thought Pete was headed for Bangkok.

A statement from the Monastery reads: "Having entered into the free treatment program at Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand on Thursday June 10, and having vowed to senior Monks "never to take drugs ever again" upon registration, Peter refused to take even his third dose of medication, and has finally today rejected the sensitive and compassionate care offered by the Nuns and the Monks there. "Despite insistent and concerned appeals from the Monastery's officials and even his own mother, he demanded his passport and personal belongings and has fled to a hotel in Bangkok. "Upon leaving the Monastery, Pete signed a declaration stating that: "Thamkrabok Monastery have done everything they could to help me, but I am just not strong enough for this treatment."

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Pete In Thailand: McGee Confirms It

NME Reports:

THE LIBERTINES' PETE DOHERTY has flown out to Thailand for an intense rehab program. The guitarist walked out of the Priory earlier this week, and on Monday (June 7) played his final show with the band before jetting East for treatment. Pete will undergo a rigorous course of rehab at the Thamkrabok Monastery. The Monastery claim to provide one of the most successful detoxification and rehabilitation programs in the world, having treated over 100,000 patients since its inception in 1958. Writing online, the band's manager Alan McGee said: "We flew Peter to Thailand last night. To be honest his mum, Carlos and myself can't believe he did it but he (is) a man of many surprises. If he's going to get clean permanently anywhere it's in this place. "We kept him at The Priory under a different name this last week to avoid people staring at his recovery but deep down we knew he wasn't buying. We cleaned him up as best we could and he (of) his own accord agreed to go off to Thailand. "What happens to the group in the long term who knows as in any event the man we sent out there will come back a different man. He wanted to change and has done something about it. All we ask of you people is keep the faith in Peter Doherty and The Libertines. "Carlos last night told me Peter's health comes before the band and again you have to love the man left in the UK. The (tabloid press) will no doubt be all on our case today but to say we all jumped for joy last night when his escort texted me and said we are on the plane and all systems are go would be the understatement of this year. "The man may be away for a month, he may even reject the west and not return. Who knows. All I hope for is he kills his demons and gets better and finds a happy life in The Libertines or in Thailand or wherever happiness lies for him. To be honest his health is the most important thing to everyone involved."

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

God Bless You Pete

A Touching Farewell From Pete on Babyshambles:

9.30pm Heathrow tonight wave me a little goodbye, because part of me will never be coming back. I was given ten seconds mostly
to live if I carried on at that rate. I have some strength god knows from wherein me to be bothered about sharpening up on the old browns front. Bang bang this little toy soldiers in no mans land and stuffing into his tight pockets all well wishes and tokens of love to power the cause. I want to live, and want to be fit for the second albums airing. I saw Mick Jones, Carl, John and Gary (we played) last night and I know I can mangle out all the creases and live out further my grandly Arcadian dreams and dear divine adventures all albion's sons and daughters

I love you all and will return stronger, willing glances souls windows smudger
Peter xxx

Back From The Dead

(Andrew Kendall)

Many More Here

Pete's Back, Only To Leave Again...

NME Reports:


THE LIBERTINES proved they are far from splitting last night after PETE DOHERTY joined the rest of the band on stage at a small club show in LONDON. In front of around 100 people the band played a set including ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ and forthcoming single ‘Can’t Stand Me’. The band finished with a rousing version of ‘The Good Old Days’. Earlier Pete led the crowd in a chorus of Happy Birthday for Carl, who turned 26 the day before. Pete checked out of rehab at The Priory in the morning – friends express great concern at his disappearance after the second recent stint of rehab was curtailed. Despite obvious nerves on the part of the whole of the band following Pete’s interview in a British tabloid claiming that Carl had neglected him, they made up their differences. They hugged before resolving to play an unscheduled set with instruments on loan from headliners The Boxer Rebellion. Pete insisted that he would be leaving for Thailand today to undergo a rigorous course of rehab at the Thamkrabok Monastery. The Monastery claim to provide one of the most successful detoxification and rehabilitation programs in the world, having treated over 100,000 patients since its inception in 1958. The club was the opening night of ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ a new weekly club at Infinity in Old Burlington Street, London where both Carl Barat and Clash legend Mick Jones DJed.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Pete On The Run?

Don't know what you're up to Pete, but don't do anything I wouldn't do. NME Reports:

"PETE DOHERTY has left rehab leaving friends "very concerned for his well being". The Libertines guitarist has been back in rehab in recent weeks, including a second stint at The Priory in an attempt to beat his addiction to drugs. However, a spokesperson for the band told NME.COM that Pete has walked for the second time and nobody knows where he is. He told NME.COM: "Peter left The Priory this morning, his whereabouts are currently unknown although every effort is being made to find him. We are all very concerned for his well being." The band are set to make a number of live appearances this week, including slots at the Meltdown festival supporting Morrissey and at the Isle Of Wight festival. It is currently unclear what will happen to the performances."

"There is no such place as Paris. Tomorrow I go to Thailand"

Pete posts on Babyshambles:

"...There is no such place as Paris. tomorrow I go to Thailand

Barnes common, gutted on the trail, London will not await me but some spilt entrails line the knobbly way through the trees to the old station. A mothers embitterred hope (a bit of hope?) oh there must be ... I can't be anything but a junkie to her can I? she was there for me..the cavalry now I am free, in my mind and my heart and adventure I seek. Thailand..Alan and mum see it as the next step on the cleanliness trail, gateway to bilo's eastern adventures. I have a collection of songs for you A Palace of Bone and other untitleds"

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

He's Really Done It This Time

Here's What Scarborough Steve Posted On Babyshambles:

Hi peeps stevie bedlam here how is u all.
jus wanted to say i was with pete at the weekend and he left mine under satanic majestys request bundled into a van by men in white coats and ferried over to the train station and put on the euro star to france where he had all drugs removed from his person i also hear he had his laptop taken off him so we wont be hearing from him for 3 weeks apparently he tried to escape but they held him down dont worrie yourselves he'll be fine been told to get of computer now i have a sign in name il be back.