Tuesday, June 29, 2004

"I Am Not Anti-drugs, I Am Anti-suffering And Pro Freedom"

Some thoughts from Tim Arnold on yesterday's Babyshambles gig:

When I went to live in Thamkrabok to make my album, I said something that I thought I might never see.I said that I believed Thamkrabok might be the only cure in the world for Crack addiction and that I could try to do something useful in helping other musicians like me to go there and 'get better'. I don't mean 'get clean' because to say that Thamkrabok gets people clean is underselling what they actually do for you.
I had a very perculiar image of other doomed minstrels turning up to do treatment and then re-awakening through music again. Because thats what I did. I alway knew it would not be as black and white as that because everyone is different. But nothing prepared me for what 'did' happen.
I knew about Pete Doherty from long before I went to Thamkrabok. I think I was hitting Rock bottom with my own addiction just as the Lib's were securing there place as a really important band in this country . We have mutual friends and we 'had' mutual interests. Drugs and Music. When I saw the title 'Skag and Bone man' I could not believe how open the whole lexicon of drug taking had become...
Last night, Pete did a a show at the Rhythm Factory which was in many ways, the coolest thing I have seen since I have been back in the UK. It was also the most heartbreaking thing I have seen as well. He is a grown man, its true, and as many people keep saying, he should be a man and be big enough to accept how lucky he is and be brave enough to really repair himself.But if theres one thing that I have learnt in the Monastery , it is that you cannot be compassionate enough to somebody who is suffering from addiction.
The monks call it 'Challenge your Compassion'. The addicts that come to the monastery do their best to drive the monks mad, but it never works because the Monk's just smile and ask if they can help in any way until the addict either leaves or accepts that he/she does not really have an affect on the world and the only thing worth working on is themselves...
People who know me will know that I am not anti-drugs, I am anti suffering and pro freedom. The Libertine's. It's a great thought, but like all grand concepts, its hard to practice. If Pete believes in freedom, he would not offer himself as a slave to Crack and Smack. Using Crack and Smack is as uncool and irresponsible as sponsoring Superbrands who have unsound investments. The mass production of Crack and Smack are directly linked to Warfare, slavery and poverty throughout the world. Libertine? You have got in it you Pete, but you are getting your sums wrong. This is all by the by, but it maybe of interest to others in a similar position to Pete....
Who ever he has pissed off, Pete should also be forgiven for some of his fuck-ups. Because everyone I saw last night around him are making it harder for him to stop. It is easy to mis-construe and confuse adoration for love. The sort of love Pete is getting on a day to day basis is not making him feel 'loved' its making him feel trapped. Last night was an eye opener.I saw adults in their mid 20'swapping tales about Crack like 14 year olds swap football stickers.I am not saying everyone should stop taking drugs. Most of my friends in this country take drugs. But last night I did not see young Punks and Rockers starting a revolution with music. I saw a bunch of trust-fund kids in make-up and hopeless hangers-on with nothing inspirational to say about anything in the age of celebrity, as they performed the lastest reality execution where everyone contributed to the public hanging. And Pete is in the middle hanging on by the skin of his teeth. Anyone with any conscience whatsoever,try and get a grip of the situation and start taking care of each other. At the end of the day its meant to be about 'MUSIC'.
Pete, I saw the tears in your eyes when we were singing in the back of the van. You are better than average. Lets sort you out so at least the Judge knows you made an effort when you go back to court in August. Call me
Love and Light, Tim Arnold