Sunday, December 05, 2004

Time For Updates

Babyshambles dropped by XFM to perform "Killamangiro" and new song "32nd December". Andrew Kendall has photos. This site has audio (plus video of Pete and Graham Coxon together).

Read the excellent new article on Pete from Q magazine here:

Part One
Part Two
Babyshambles are Pete Doherty's new band, which he formed after falling out with, and evntually being expelled from, The Libertines. He would only be allowed back, said his friend and co-frontman Carl Barat, when he stopped using crack and heroin. This internal strife conspired to derail them on the eve of releasing a much-hyped second Libertines album, one that was expected to elevate them to rock's premier league. Doherty also split with Libertines manager Alan McGee, after McGee personally paid for Doherty's short-lived attempts at rehab. He is now managed by James Mullord, who runs 1234, a small London record label. Barat has referred to Babyshambles as Doherty's "denial band". An early incarnation was terrible. Today's version, against all expectations, are terrific. One song in particular, anthemic rocker Fuck Forever, is Doherty's first claim to greatness. Logic would dictate that Doherty was finished without the Libertines. Now it seems the reverse is likely.

Pete interview from Metro Life: "I don't want to die", Doherty says, taking occasional sips from a vodka and lemonade in Soho’s Colony Room. " And I'll take every precaution to avoid death. Probably, for the way I am and my state of mind and the state of my life, it’s best to avoid heroin. And it's certainly best to avoid crack cocaine. It's having the right people around me and the love of my family and the people I'm closest to".

Pete promises to give up crack if new single goes Top 10 (it did, btw)

And finally, is reporting that "Albion" could possibly be the next Babyshambles single!