Sunday, February 27, 2005

Was It The Liquor Or Was It My Soul?

Some lovely pictures from the 100% Better Club

Guardian Piece By Max Carlish, Pete's Accuser (thanks Graham)

"The first time I met Pete Doherty was in a gungy, grungy nightclub in Leicester. I'm not a pop man, I'm a documentaries man. I helped produce an Emmy and Bafta-award-winning television series about the Royal Opera House. But I had seen a photo of Pete in a newspaper pretending to smoke crack and had read about his genuine addiction, and he fascinated me."

Poetical Pete

PETE DOHERTY is to appear on BBC RADIO 4's 'BESPOKEN WORD' programme, performing music and poetry. The Babyshambles singer will feature on the March 3 show playing a specially adapted version of 'Killamangiro' and reading war poet Siegfried Sassoon’s 'Suicide In The Trenches'. 'Bespoken Word' producer Graham Frost was impressed by Doherty's poetry posted on his website, and the star was asked by fellow musician Salina Saliva from the band Saltpeter to go on the show.

She said: "Whilst making the second 'Bespoken Word' series I was asked who I would most like to interview and introduce. For me it had to be Doherty, the tastiest poet in town. We all know him from before, when it was more about his poetic voice, lyrics, his spirit and work before and beyond the tabloid headlines and here I believe we have captured some of that," Saliva added.

Doherty famously recited 'Suicide In The Trenches' alongside former bandmate Carl Barat when The Libertines picked up the Best British Band gong at the NME Awards 2004. 'Bespoken Word' featuring Pete Doherty will air on March 3 at 11pm.