Thursday, March 17, 2005

Where Pete's Policemen Walk The Beat

Pete on the right side of the law for once:

'TROUBLED rocker Pete Doherty treats cops to an impromptu midnight show as they call to check he is observing his 10pm curfew. Pete, 26, popped out of his flat clutching a guitar and began playing for the surprised officers, who burst out laughing. The star, who is battling a drug problem, has to be in by ten under bail conditions for a robbery charge. His model lover Kate Moss, 31, was in the East London flat at the time. A source said: "The police arrived at 12. Pete, as ever, was a bundle of fun. He played them a couple of Babyshambles songs. "The officers thought it was hilarious. He went on serenading Kate late into the night."'

(thanks Marta for the link)

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In other news, Pete's hotmail account has reportedly been broken into and shut down. So you'll just have to find somewhere else to send your love letters and adolescent poetry. Just kidding... Maybe.

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More NME News:

Doherty is set to feature on the new Wolfman & The Side Effects single--fighting. 'Ice Cream Guerrilla' is due for release on April 25 and will feature the song 'Wolfman' --a live Babyshambles favourite--on the B-side. A source close to the band has revealed that the recording will also include the sound of a scuffle breaking out between Doherty and Wolfman.

He said: "Wolfman wrote the track and has been playing it live for the last 2 years. The lyrics used to go: "Wolfman you give me the hump man, you come in like a swamp man, I jump when you say jump man". "The day the track was recorded the lyrics were changed to: "Wolfman you used to be my friend man, you really are the end man, you're fucking up again man."

"When Pete heard the new lyrics and realised they were about him--the fight broke out."