Monday, January 31, 2005

The Man Who Would Be Tabloid King

Some More Tabloid Nonsense:

The Mirror
"Last night the Sunday Mirror was exclusively told how Doherty encouraged a girlfriend to turn to prostitution to help fund his habit. The 21-year-old blonde - whose name we are protecting - became so hooked she had sex with other men to help fund Doherty's habit.

The tawdry story was revealed by social worker Cherilyn Russell, 33, who spent two months hanging out with Doherty at a flat above a Ladbrokes bookies in Stepney, East London."

News Of The World
Those closest to multi-millionaire Kate know she's no angel and loves to party hard. But they're terrified Doherty--who spends up to 1,000 pound a day on heroin and crack cocaine--will send her crashing off the rails.

So far stubborn Kate, 31, has defied them all, including mum Linda, best pal actress Sadie Frost and ex-lover Jefferson Hack, who is threatening to go for sole custody of their two-year-old daughter Lila Grace if she doesn't see sense.

Oh, and in other news, Gemma left Babyshambles:

BABYSHAMBLES drummer GEMMA CLARKE has revealed why she quit the band. Yesterday (January 27) NME.COM revealed she'd walked out on the group prior to the recording sessions on the group's debut album. She's been replaced by Adam Ficek (ex White Sport).

In a letter to Pete Doherty seen by NME.COM , Clarke has said she wants to make it "very clear" as to her reasons for leaving, blaming a breakdown in relations with the band's management. She wrote: "I will not continue to work under the management that you have chosen for the band... I love you, the music, Patrick, Dru and Babyshambles. Please be safe and be careful. You are a great artist and have been a massive inspiration to me. "Thanks for the experience and for a great time - keep safe and don’t forget to call me...good luck for the future."

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Lucky Bastard


PETE DOHERTY has broken the silence on his rumoured relationship with KATE MOSS.

The Babyshambles man confirmed that he is smitten with the model, telling ITV's Orange Playlist "It's been the best week in a long time because I've really found love with Kate".

The former Libertines star explained in an interview to be screened next month that he's optimistic about his new relationship's chances.

"I think it will last...she is good for me because she has a beautiful soul and I think I can trust her," said Pete. "I believe her when she says she loves me and I know I mean it when I say I love her."

The pair were revealed in Sunday newspapers to have had a tattoo of each other's initial done, while The Sun reported Kate had taken Pete to have a pub lunch with her parents.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Babyshambles Album Update!


Baby shambles to start recording in February - 20 January 2005

Baby shambles are due to go into the studio on 3rd Feb to start working on the next single and their debut album. Until the songs have been recorded we don't know when the album is likely to be released, but as soon as we have more information we'll let you know!

The choice of song for the next single release is still undecided, but there are rumours it will probably be either Albion or Forever (aka Fuck Forever).

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Pete and Kate?

Nice One Pete:

Kate Moss has been linked to a host of bad boy celebrities - and today she is said to have found romance with drug-addicted rock star Pete Doherty. According to friends, the supermodel and the ex-Libertines frontman were "all over each other" at her 31st birthday party.

Now there is speculation the two icons of the fashion and rock world may have united to form one of the London scene's most explosive couples. The party, with a rock'n'roll circus-theme, was at her Cotswold home. The model, who is said to be "smitten", then invited Doherty for lunch with her family the following day.

A source at the party told The Sun: "Kate and Pete were all over each other. They were sitting on each others' laps all evening. They only had eyes for each other, and were almost oblivious to everyone else."

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Pete and Carl Talk To NPR

Pete and Carl talk to National Public Radio here. It's a heartbreaking piece.

"The Libertines are Britain's hottest dysfunctional band, and their music is produced by the Clash's Mick Jones. New Musical Express called them the most important band of its generation. Yet theirs is a troubled story -- of breakups, break-ins, and drug addiction. From London, Matt Cowan reports."

Monday, January 10, 2005

Time For Updates

Sobering News From Carl:

CARL BARAT's forthcoming operation is to remove a tumour behind the ear.

As reported last year on NME.COM, Barat has split The Libertines. One of the reasons given at the time was "an ongoing problem with my health, which requires an operation".

NME.COM has learned that the operation is to remove a tumour.

Speaking in this week’s NME about the split of the band and their last ever gigs, Barat said: "It was inevitably poignant. It was laying a tombstone to what's been and gone and also laying a foundation stone for the future… it’s cutting the ribbon into a different realm of freedom. Because The Libertines became constrained."

Barat also revealed that the reason The Libertines played their last gig outside of the UK was that, even now, he was concerned at not hurting Doherty’s feelings.

"I’d like to have (played a tour of Britain)," he said, "but the reason I didn't was because I didn't want to upset Peter, really. I didn't want to rub it in his face. I believe I've done the right thing. I hope he understands it. Of course I'd have loved to play Britain. I'm English… contrary to popular belief! I love the British crowds. I feel a loyalty, affinity and unity with him whatever plight he seems to have been trudged through."

Of his immediate future plans, Barat said: "I'm going to tie up my loose ends, deal with some demons and follow my ridiculous drive to find what's previously been embodied in the word Arcadia. I shan't rest until I find it. So I have to find a home, go to it, take stock and try and understand what this has all been about."

He added: "I intend to contact Peter. I'd like to embrace him on a level of friendship and maybe…. I don’t want him thinking I'm avoiding him… I want him to remember I love him. I get upset when he says things (to the media) that make me sad. I read it. And he knows I read it. I feel nothing evil towards Peter. I get angry sometimes but I know better than to spread it to the rumour mill and the gossipers, like some kind of virus."

While Barat considers his next move, bass player John Hassall has formed a new band, Yeti, in which he sings and plays guitar.

Said Barat: "I've seen Yeti play. I think they're a good band I think he plays well and he seems happy and if I were him I'd do exactly what he's doing. Today we spoke about everything – much of which we’d never discussed before. It was quite liberating for me as there had been some kind of tension. Whatever anyone says I do consider John a Libertine; he’s been nothing but himself."

Finally, Carl sent a message to Libertines fans: "It's your turn, really. All the people who’ve come to our gigs and picked up a guitar, all the people who say they’ve liberated themselves… I look forward to what you come up with."

Get Well Soon Carl!

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